Your OnLine Connection System

I'll create your entire client attraction/nurture system. So all you have to do to offer your gift or ebook and add peeps to your send a link! 

Grow your biz, do your thing, make more impact & income and love it all.
And everything rolls out and happens for you, like magic.

I'll help you create and connect your marketing pieces.

All the marketing pieces you need ~ Done! and Fast. Created with you and for you.
So you can concentrate on the coaching, healing, teaching, consulting,
entrepreneur thing you do.

Do all...or some. I'll help figure out what you need.

Lead Magnet

A compelling thing that your ideal client wants to know...a piece of your system, Not the whole enchilada. 

Opt inPage

Where they give you a name and email address to get your lead magnet. This connects to your email system, where you are growing your list.

Thank u Page

Comes up after your client enters their info, and let's them know it worked! That the freebie is on it's way. Also a great place to offer a strategy session, masterclass, webinar, or other next step.

fb/social preview ad

Create the nice pic and wording that comes up automatically when you post your link on fb, or in fb messenger

 lpages & convertkit set up

14 days free for both.
email & landing pages.

I help you set it all up.

I teach you how to use

I show you how to use all the systems, so you know how.

lead magnet 3-D image

So you have a classy image to use on giveaways, summits, your landing and opt in page...everywhere.

email nuture sequence

Compelling, nurturing emails that sound like you. Sequenced and automated. A banner for your e's. a signature.

techie connect stuff

Hooking the lead magnet to the opt-in to the thank you to the email to your it all works with a click.


accountability & coaching

I will keep this, and you, going and on track. That's huge. Having a problem, something not working? email or text me.

scheduled when it works

When it works for you. Life is busy. Our creative meetings will be arranged for when you can do them. Even late into the night if you want.

coupla other doo dads

Your own favicon scheduler set up biz card layout  

Want to talk about this for you? 
Let's have a chat to see what you need, what you don't
and what we want to make happen.

why do all this?

  • So you can attract your ideal clients, nurture them in your emails, have something to leave behind when you speak, get on interviews, on summits, on podcasts, in giveaways.
  •  So you can grow your list and have a nice group of people who know you, love you, and trust you....and need you. Your tribe.
  •  Every top enterepreneur business coach will tell you: your email list is one of your most valuable possessions!
  • So you can make more impact, income, and most important: do what you are here to do.

get it done

This will put your system in place. Done. Fini. On to whatever!

have something to put on social media 

Once it's done, it's your ad...something you can use on everything.

empower/inspire yourself 

Once you have this great system, your freebie and all the conections, you'll be inspired to get on more stuff...interviews, podcasts, giveaways, summits. You;ll have a call to action.

even more clarity

Doing all this will bring you evenmore clarity about who you are and what you do. It just happens in the process.

My mission is to help you shine yours

A little about Sheryl

Sheryl helps coaches and entrepreneurs be seen and heard on line. To shine their light, and show up in a powerful, authentic way. They call her The Creative Muse. With a background in show biz, actress, voice over actress, radio show host, stand up comedy, producer, director, a love of the tech connect, and a certified coach in the law of attraction, she has the experience, intuition, and know how to help you be the most you... ...on line, on video, on stage, and in person. And she's a lot of fun to work with. A life long seeker of growth, she loves nature, animals, and the beauty of everyday things. The three words that best describe? Calm. Magic. Light.

Your Online Presence, Connected.

  If you'd like to discuss, set up a time here.